Saturday, March 22, 2008

Catching Up...

It's been a while since I've posted.
Lots has been going on and I haven't had the time to sit down and write.
For some reason the computer has been running sloooowwww. Because I don't have the patience for a slow computer, I haven't been online much.
Chris re-formatted the Mac and installed this new OS-X Leopard thingy and the computer seems to be running much better and faster!

First of all, I just want to say don't take good health for granted. Growing up I never got sick, but it seems lately that's all that's been happening to me. First that nasty virus that's been going around and then I made a trip to the ER. I am also extremely tired all the time and I hate that feeling. Hopefully the doctor's can figure out what's going on and I can get back to feeling like myself again!

So....I've been trying to clean up my scrap room. It's a disaster!

Even Miss Emma Peel was snooping around in the mess. I hope to have the room cleaned up soon. I'll post AFTER pictures when I'm done.

Because my room is in such disarray, I don't feel like making my cards. But because I have the Quickutz club I usually makes a couple of cards for that.

Wedding or Anniversary card
Father's Day Card

Krystal has asked me to make her friend a scrapbook of her wedding. I thought it would be fun and easy, but because the pictures are of people I don't even know, I find it extremely difficult to scrap. Why is that?? I wanted to try to finish it this weekend but because my creative juices are not flowing I don't think it will happen (**insert sad face here**).

Now that my computer is up and running a little faster, I plan on posting a little more.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!

Ja mata ne!

P.S. Chuck won $4000!!! He's a lucky SOB. We plan on going on a cruise and of course I'm going to get me a new Quickutz alphabet and dies! hehehe


Wendy said...

I love your cards! I haven't played with my QK in a while since I discovered stamping but you've inspired me to get using them again!

Wendy said...

Hey Naomi! I couldn't figure out how to send you a message so I figured I'd just post another one here. I think I remember contacting you at Two Peas as well (if you're somewhere near Riverside??) I'm scrapgrrl! at twopeas but I haven't updated anything in a long while! I was NEVER a stamper, it totally intimidated me but I've found alot of inspiration looking at blogs and at I guess all paths lead to scrapbooking, stamping, etc! I've found alot of my stamps online at places like,,, Paper Source, Impress Rubber Stamps, (my absolute favorite)!, plus I've taken a couple trips to Seattle lately and made it a point to visit several stores up there and come home with a bundle of stamps! I think there's a rubberstamp place in Claremont that's supposed to be pretty good though I've never made it over there. Anytime you wanna chat scrapping, stamps, etc. just let me know!