Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm so lucky...

Last week was my birthday.
I normally don't tell anyone when my birthday is. Especially co-workers. I hate the fuss and the attention that comes with it. Absolutely. Hate. It. So every year I take that day off.

I had no plans for that day. Just wanted to do the things I wanted to do. I went shopping for a bit, had Chick-Fil-A for lunch, went home and sat with my cat and made a few cards and started on a mini book. Throughout the day I would get phone calls, text messages and emails from family and friends wishing me a Happy Birthday and it was nice to be remembered by them. I feel so lucky to be loved. Truly I do.

I have to post what I received for my birthday. I did get some pretty awesome gifts.
I bought myself this cute little red colander (to match my scraproom) to put some random stamps in, but all my goodies fit in it so I took a picture. Here are some of the gifts I received: an Ipod Touch!!! , a season pass to Disneyland, a knit shirt, Lotto tickets (I haven't check to see if I'm a millionaire yet) a little pig Webkinz and a kitty Webkinz, Target g/c, Michaels g/c, Claim Jumper g/c, Black Cherry See's suckers, a cute cupcake, calendar and Happy Birthday clear stamps, oh and some good ol' cash from mom and dad.

Birthday Goodies
For dinner, Chuck and David took me out for sushi.
The card maker in me had to make to some special Thank You cards. So here are a few that I made. I just love the robot paper from Sassafrass Lass. Sara loved the card so much, she wanted to keep it for herself.

Doomo Arigato Mr. Roboto
I also have seen in magazines these cute little crochet flowers. I really wanted them but I have never been able to find them in stores. So I got crafty and made a few. They're not as cute as the ones I've seen but they'll do for now until I figure out how to make them like the ones in the magazines. I covered up a lot of mistakes with the big button. haha!

Thanks so much
Tomorrow it's back to work. Ugh... I guess I better check my Lotto tickets to see if I'm a gazillionare. But seriously, I already feel rich with all the wonderful family and friends I have.

Hope everyone has a great week!! Ja mata ne!

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Wendy said...

Hi Naomi! Happy belated Birthday!! It sounds like you had a great day. I was totally drooling over the sushi and the fact that you had Chik-Fil-A (I haven't eaten there since college!) You got some great goodies too and made out like a bandit! Your cards are sooo cute. I feel a little creative bug nagging at me to get going again :)