Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ATCs Galore!'s been a while since I've posted. I suppose time has gotten away from me. Some days I wish there were more hours in the days...especially the weekends!

A couple of Sundays ago I met Wendy at the Stamp Expo in Riverside. Though it wasn't as big as I thought it would be, we still got some fun stuff! I picked up some new stamps and I'm hoping to improve my stamping skills. One of the booths we visited had some awesome stamps. Every stamp you purchased they gave you a copy of a sample using that stamp. Also, they had this awesome technique where they embossed in black all the stamped images and then colored in this image. Wendy and I loved this technique because it makes the image pop. Wendy bought some Twinkling H2O and I now regret not getting them. She has posted a couple of cards on her blog using them with the black embossing technique and her cards are beautiful.
She bought this wishing well stamp and made this card and it turned out so much better than the sample that was on display. I'm not just saying that... it seriously was.

So before we met up at the Expo, we decided to do an ATC swap. I have never done a swap with anyone much less make an ATC. We decided to swap 10 and I was stressing because I had a really hard time coming up with ideas, but once I got the hang of it I had so much fun. I also like them because it gives me the chance to use up my scraps.

Here are a few samples of the ATCs Wendy and I made:

Wendy's ATCs


I showed SAM the ATCs and she loved them. She wanted to create some. She wanted to eat, live and breathe them. Ok.. maybe I'm exaggerating, but she did love them and we decided that our weekly challenges should be switched to ATCs. So last week I chose the theme which was 'Animals'. I had two ideas swirling in my head, so I was able to create them both! Woo Hoo!!

My Animal ATC

SAM's Animal ATC
Ain't that Frankenstein the cutest?? It reminds me of Peter Boyle in 'Young Frankenstein'. I love the scene where he is singing 'Putting on the Ritz' . It's not the same unless he sings it. Oh and when I eat a Ritz cracker it reminds me of that song.

For our next ATC challenge SAM chose the 'Leave it to Weaver' Border punch. I am stumped on what to create. Challenge is due on Monday. I better get my rear in gear.

Mata ne!!


Wendy said...

Oh, Naomi! You are too kind with all of the praise that you leave me here and on my blog! I'm really glad that we met because you are a very sweet, kind and genuine person. BTW, I love your animal-theme ATCs! Your friend's are cute too! I love Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein and now I've got the Puttin' on the Ritz song in my head! That's ok, because it's a classic!

StarDesignsbyJules said...

Nomi! I cannot get over what you make, I am amazed!! These pictures are great, but I bet they are veen better inperson!! AWESOME!!!!