Sunday, April 19, 2009

Emma and the Jay Birds

Every year the Jay birds come and build a nest and lay their eggs in our lemon tree. I'm not a Jay bird expert but their squawking is loud and they are very annoying and have no fear of my cats.
Emma loves to sit in the backyard but the Jay birds hate it and think she is out to get their babies. The Jay birds have every right to be concerned. Last year Emma waited patiently under the tree hoping a baby bird would fall out. Mom and Pop Jay bird had a fit but Emma didn't care. Good things come to those who wait, right? And it did...little baby Jay bird fell out of it's nest and Emma promptly caught it in her mouth and brought it lifeless, featherless body into my house to show me. This year the Jay birds must have remembered Emma as all they wanted to do is attack Emma. She didn't care and took it like a champ.

The Jay birds seemed extra squawky this afternoon and I thought maybe Emma was out there pestering them. Later this afternoon Chuck is out in the backyard watering the the fruit trees.
He noticed that under the lemon tree there was a baby bird.

Baby J
No wonder mom and pop Jay bird were making such a fuss today. Junior had fallen out of the tree. So Chuck rescued it but couldn't put it back in the nest since it was up too high and too far inside the tree. So he got a pie tin and made a little nest for it and placed it in the tree.

New Home

And where was Emma when all this happened? Sleeping in my scrap room missing all the excitement!

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