Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Color Inspiration #45

For Kristina's challenge this week she chose three colors, black, white and gray. I thought about making a wedding card since these colors would be perfect for one, but sometimes it gets monotonous making the same old thank you, hello or thinking of you cards. So this challenge I thought I would do something fun and humorous.

Fork and Spoon
This card is a play on words. I hope no one is offended. Again, I just wanted to create a fun card.

Ikea Goodies

My trip to Ikea was very successful in which I bought mainly snacks. I love the Ginger Thin cookies and the mini cinnamon rolls were a perfect bite size treat. But I must warn you, the Daim candies are VERY addicting. I could not stop eating them. I felt so guilty that I had polished off the entire bag but David told me that he was addicted to them also! Now I only feel half as guilty since David ate the other half. Seriously, the bag needs to have a warning label on it stating that "Once consumed, addiction will occur"!

Have a super weekend!


Savitri said...

Very cute cards!!! The fork and spoon idea is awesome!

Leah said...

Really funny! I love it.

Candace said...

love the cards!! is that from a stamp set or just something you put together?

~kelly marie~ said...

I love this cards! Clever and hilarious!!

~kelly marie~ said...

*I meant these