Friday, March 20, 2009

Color Inspiration #46

I saw these colors for Kristina's challenge and it reminded me of my last post. I deleted the picture from that post so that I could use it for this challenge (so it that cheating?).
I added a little blue heart so I use all of her colors.

Valentine's Day lunch
Have a great weekend!


Sylvia said...

Naomi, This is a lovely page. Hope your lunch was great. Have agreat weekend.

Winter said...

I would say you played fair! :) Very cute page, lunch looks great too!

Debi said...

Hey, cute page, and I love the look of your blog! I have listed you in my favorites and will be visiting often.

Lindsay said...

too cute... great layout!

naomi said...

Hahah!! i still need to share my food pics!!! I love this. So my west coast twin.....I'm placing some orders today... so I hope to get it by Friday. Sorry to keep you waiting. Talk to you soon